Lucoled Edge Lighting ELP60 modules offer a high quality and efficient solution for double-sided lightboxes with a depth of 120-400 mm, max. 2000mm wide. The module includes a high-voltage wide input constant current driver.

Lucoled ELP60 uses patented light reflection technology to evenly illuminate single and double-sided large format light boxes. The licensed technology is based on the face being illuminated by over 70% indirect, internally reflecting, light transmitteed by narrow beam flare lenses. The modules are mounted on the sides of the box, directing a beam of light at the opposite side. 

The ELP60 can be connected directly to the mains power supply as it has an integrated driver. Especially in edge lighting applications an external driver mounted inside the box can create dark spots as it disrupts the internal reflection technology.

The ELP60 modules can be linked without gap using a connector or with a small cable.

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