With our new Frontflex system, large-scale and long-lasting façade advertising or illuminated signs can be created in outdoor areas. Frontflex systems are quick to install, easy to maintain and cost- effective to change, as the fabric can effortlessly be replaced. Front or backlit fabrics can be precisely tensioned using our stable 120mm and 180mm aluminium profiles and our unique flexholder technology which allows large areas to be spanned as tight as a drum and without a single crease. With our 84mm and 97mm retrofit profiles, existing structures can be used without having to start from scratch. The depths of our profiles allow for an optimal and cost-effective LED illumination. The aesthetic frameless design of our Frontflex profiles means that the digitally printed fabrics and motifs can run right up to the outer edge of the frame. The profiles are bendable and offer a wide variety of design options for events, exhibitions and shopfronts. Frontflex = endless possibilities with a quality that lasts.

The Module Plus Indoor platform does not just offer the sign maker a simple, versatile and flexible standard solution, it also offers space to the creative sign maker to place his or her own emphasis and to develop customised products.