Here’s our newest innovation of 2023, our cutting-edge lightbox profiles for indoor & outdoor use. Our lightboxes are highly versatile and are perfect for advertising or wayfinding purposes in various locations, including airports, shopping malls, metro stations, underground parking’s, company buildings, and more. Lightboxes can literally uplift the branding need and grab attention with the remarkable displays. The modish look with seamless corners where no screws are visible & its thin edges makes the sign more attractive and that’s what our clients like the most about our lightbox profiles. This easy to maintain sign have some of the best features:

  • Single sided and double sided
  • Depth available: 75mm, 100mm, 120mm and 160 mm
  • The acrylic is inserted from one side & the open end is closed with countersunk screws to fix the clamping profile
  • On standard length of 6100 mm or cut-to-size
  • Silver anodised and mill finish
  • Edge and backLED possibilities by Lucoled
  • Designed to withstand even the hardest outdoor conditions
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