When a newly built church hall at Enniskillen Presbyterian Church required interior signage befitting its modern design, Applelec’s I-Sign Flex display frames were the natural selection for Northern Ireland sign company L.E. Graphics.

A £1.6 million investment led to the refurbishment of the church and the creation of a suite of halls named the Bridge Centre. The name was chosen to reflect the hope that the centre will become a bridge between the church and the wider local community.

Enniskillen Presbyterian Church wanted to achieve a coordinated scheme throughout the centre using stylish but simple signage which wouldn’t distract from the building itself. With a five week timescale, L.E. Graphics selected I-Sign Flexdisplay frames from Applelec due to their contemporary design and the short lead times possible with this off-the-shelf product.

David Donaldson, managing director at L.E. Graphics, explains: ‘We’d previously used I-Sign Flex for an installation at The Enniskillen Hotel and found the frames extremely versatile and easy to use. When this project came about we knew I-Sign Flex would reflect the modern design that the church wanted to achieve from the new build.’

A wayfinding system for the suite of halls was planned using a combination of wall mounted display frames and hanging signs in matching silver anodised aluminium. The hanging sign afforded flexibility to the planning of the wayfinding system in a location where wall space was limited.

In addition to the interior system, Applelec supported L.E. Graphics with the Bridge Centre’s exterior signage where flat face built-up letters were given soft halo illumination with SloanLED V180 Mini LEDs.

Credits: Images courtesy of L.E. Graphics 

bridge-1 bridge-2 bridge-3 bridge-4

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