Introducing Lucoled

In the past 13 years Lucoled’s founders have seen the market for LED products used in visual communication mature into a very commoditized, competitive landscape.
Today sign companies and end-users find it hard to distinguish between various offerings, from very cost-effective second or third tier brands to very expensive A brands that on paper seem to have comparable specifications. Still there are differences in quality and reliability but for a non-expert it is very difficult to understand those based on the information manufacturers present in their glossy marketing material. With over 20 years of experience in the visual communication market Lucoled was started to provide reliable, efficient, fit-for-purpose, solutions, fulfilling the basic need of today’s market. Backed by experience and an international network of partners Lucoled’s mission is to offer products that do just that. Customers should only pay for the performance and reliability they need and not excessive margins and overheads a typical A brand charges. Lucoled also does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach: every market, every customer, every application is different and may require tailor made solutions. Lucoled is geared up to provide those with short lead times.

Lucoled: Experience Lighting!


Why Lucoled?

At LucoLED we operate at the simple principle that the customer should only pay for product performance and not for the overhead and excessive margins most major brands add to their cost.
It is LucoLED’s mission to provide fit for purpose, reliable, efficient, lighting solutions for visual communication and brand identity.

LucoLED is based on over 20 years of experience in the signage industry and has developed an in depth knowledge of the basic needs of the market. Backed by industry leading design and production facilities LucoLED provides high quality products with exceptional performance and warranties.
LucoLED’s ODM production uses state of the art equipment and has extensive R&D facilities. Besides a range of standard products LucoLED can also offer tailor made solutions with minimum lead time.

LucoLED offers a complete system solution for letters, light boxes, flexible and linear accents. Including their own full range power supplies. LucoLED offers a system warranty of up to 7 years and extended warranties of up to 2 years as we believe in our products.
Although LucoLED is a new name in the market, the management behind the company has a proven track record of quality and reliability.


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